【Story】Bringing Digimon and Tamers together

A tale of a Tamer’s growth
and friendship with Digimon.

【Connect】Nuture bonds between Digimon and Tamers

Digimon will react to Deco?!
I feel like taking a stroll with DigiWalk!
DigiTown, a Digital Town for Digimon

【Battle】Put your bond to the test!

Real-time battles of up to 5v5!
Stand together to face powerful foes!
Clash against other players in Battle Park
Turn the tides with Specials!

【Training】Help Digimon grow stronger!

Upgrade or Work Out Digimon!
Power up(Training) with a Work Out
Strengthen your Bond and Digivolve to become even stronger!

*Game display is currently under development and may differ from actual contents.

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