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Place Decorations in your DigiTown and watch your Digimon's unique reactions! Over 100,000 Users Get a Punching Ball Decoration,a Portable Potty and 20 DigiRubies!
Raise your Digimon using Care Items and DGV-Codes! Over 300,000 Users Get an amazing variety of care items,a DGV-Codes set and 30 DigiRubies!
Raise your DigiEgg to get Pumpkinmon! Over 500,000 Users Get a DigiEgg that will grow into Pumpkinmon, 
then Digivolve into an all-new Mega Digimon! Plus, a Tram Car Decoration and 50 DigiRubies!

*The Digivolution items previously mentioned as DigiCodes have been renamed to DGV-Codes. Thank you for your understanding.


■ Important notes regarding the Pre-Registration Campaign

This campaign takes place from August 1, 2019 (Thu) 15:00 (JST) until the application’s launch.
Presents will be delivered based on the number of participants who have pre-registered by the time of the campaign’s end.
(Ex: Should participants exceed 300,000, items rewarded for exceeding 100,000 participants can also be claimed.)
The number of pre-registrations shall be calculated from the total number of participants from countries where the application will be launched, excepting Japan.
The number of pre-registrations from Google Play and the App Store will be counted together.
Pre-registration gifts will be available to claim in-app after the application’s launch, once per player.
Pre-registration gifts will be made available to all players who log in after launch. Instructions for claiming gifts will be sent as an in-app notification after the game’s release.

■ Please also note

This application may not be compatible will all devices.
The release date as well as game contents is subject to change without prior notice. Also, this campaign is subject to cancellation or change without prior notice.

*Game display is currently under development and may differ from actual contents.
Free To Play on iOS/Android

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