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Jijimon’s Guide to Quest Part 5: “Underworld Dungeon”

Ho ho!
Welcome, Tamer. You look well.
It is I, Jijimon.

This time, I'll tell you about the new area in the Underworld, the Underworld Dungeon.
It's a mighty dangerous place that even the most veteran of Tamers will find it a challenge.
Here's a quick overview for all Tamers, whether you're still thinking about it or you're raring to go!

■Build a team for the Underworld Dungeon!
The Underworld Dungeon can be challenged with up to 3 teams of Digimon (15 Digimon) that are Lv. 99 or above.
Digimon that can be put into a team has a set cost for each stage: the higher the stage, the higher the cost.
Rather than going in with Mega Digimon, try training low-cost Ultimate Digimon to create a team that falls within the specified Team Cost.

If you're ever stuck, don't forget that you can try using the Recommended Team option! It'll select a great team for you.
However, remember that you can only edit your teams on the first floor! You'll want to give some thought to what the best team for the job looks like!

■Challenge the Underworld Dungeon!
Once you've put your team together, it's time to enter the Underworld Dungeon!
The Underworld Dungeon is an ever-changing battle area consisting of multiple floors.
Different enemies await you on each floor.
You can choose the route you wish to take by selecting the floors you want to traverse down.
You cannot return to a floor that has already been cleared, so choose wisely.
Before each floor, you will have the opportunity to change teams to one that is better matched to the enemies you will be facing!
It won't be easy to make it through the dungeon with brute force alone. You'll need to strategize cleverly to make it all the way through! Ho ho!

To make it even more interesting, each floor has a different Field Effect that affects Digimon in different ways!
For example, one floor might inflict Poison or Paralysis, another might lower Stats.
Be sure to check the Field Effect of each floor before you enter.

Oh! I almost forgot! This is very important, so pay attention.
Once you begin your Underworld Dungeon challenge, you will not be able to change your Partner Digimon or team roster(s), train your Digimon, change or evolve your Plugins, or release Digimon.
So make sure you're prepared before you enter the Underworld Dungeon!

■Collect rewards!
At the end of each floor, you can temporarily keep the rewards.

You'll be able to collect your rewards at the end of your time in the Underworld Dungeon!
But if you decide to return midway, you'll only be able to keep the ones you've obtained up to that point!
Consider the condition of your team carefully before you decide whether to continue on to the next floor or to return.
Just between us, though... The further into the Underworld Dungeon you get, the better the items you might find... Ho ho!

■Return before it's too late!
If taking on another floor is going to be more than you can handle, I highly recommend taking the opportunity to return!
If you push on despite being at a disadvantage and all your Digimon are defeated, you will lose all the items you were able to obtain.
If you choose to return, you will leave the dungeon immediately and your temporary items will be yours permanently, so be discerning about whether or not to continue!

■If all your Digimon are defeated...
If, even after all your hard work and perseverance, you do happen to be defeated...
I have a little secret for you. Listen closely if you don't want to lose all the rewards you've accumulated during a challenge!
When all your Digimon have been defeated and all hope seems lost, use the Rewinding Clock to return to the Gear Up screen and retry the floor. You're welcome!

However, don't get too excited. You cannot return right after using the Rewinding Clock.
Only after you have successfully cleared the floor, you are able to return.
The Rewinding Clock should only be used if you think you have a chance of making it through the floor on your second try.

■Are you ready to challenge the Underworld Dungeon?
Every time you enter the Underworld Dungeon, you will begin your challenge from the first floor.
On top of that, the floors and location of enemies will change every time you challenge this area!
Are you ready to challenge the Underworld Dungeon?
Until next time, youngster!

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©Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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