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Jijimon’s Guide to Quest Part 4: “Battle Park Tips”

So you've made it this far!
I’m Jijimon.

This time, I'll tell you all about the Battle Park, a place where Tamers can test the abilities of Digimon they've raised.
The Battle Park is where you can earn wonderful rewards through winning battles with your Digimon.
Tamers who are up for the challenge should definitely check this place out.

■ Let's Create a Team Together for Battle Park!
First, let's think of team formation!
It'd be good for you to consider what kind of strengths a Digimon has when you're choosing members for your team.

For instance, the WarGreymon Chain has a Passive Skill which nullifies Blind, an effect which greatly decreases accuracy, for one turn. This makes it a great support for the entire team.
It also has Main Skill and Sub Skill that can standalone against an enemy!

See which combination works best and create the strongest Digimon team!

You can also check which trend of Digimon were used last season by tapping the button below. This will be a good reference for organizing your team, so it's worth a quick look.

■ Power up Your Digimon with a Plugin!
A Plugin is an equippable item.
This also has the effect of enhancing various status such as
PWR, DEF, Block Rate, Critical Rate, resistance to Status Abnormalities, and more, so try equipping it!
However, please be aware that Plugins must match the Digimon's Personalities, such as Brave and Calm, to be equipped.

The true value of Plugins, just like Digimon, manifests when Upgraded and Evolved repeatedly.

Swift-α (Brave) When Obtained

Swift-α (Brave) Fully Upgraded

Originally, they're both the same Plugins, but a Plugin's original Stats and its final Stats will differ greatly.

■ Try Battling!
Once you're done gearing up, you better get going... But first, let's have a meal before battle!

Digimon have 3 stages of Mood. The better the Mood, the higher their Critical Rate is.
Giving your Digimon Care Items will raise their Mood. Whenever you get the chance, I recommend boosting your team Digimon's mood to Superb before starting a battle in Battle Park.

Now your preparation's flawless! You can finally start battling!

You can also give Digimon skill instructions at Battle Park. You're one step closer to victory!

Of course, your opponent has been preparing too, so don't expect to beat them so easily.
But even if you lose, you can always learn from your mistakes and reinforce your weak areas for the next battle.

Once you find yourself on a winning streak, you'll be able to rank up!
By ranking up, the Rank Rewards you can get after the season is over will be more extravagant!

■ Obtain Season Rewards!
If you visit the Battle Park after the Season BP Points have been calculated, you'll be able to get rewards such as DigiRubies and BP Medals based on your previous rank and ranking.

*In order to claim rewards for a Season, Tamers must participate in at least 1 battle.

■ Exchange Your BP Medals for Items!
BP Medals can be obtained through Mission and Season Rewards.

By collecting BP Medals, you can exchange them for various items such as DigiEgg and Decorations at the BP Medal Exchange.
Exchangeable items are updated periodically like the CB Medal Exchange, so be aware of that!

Try your hand at the Battle Park!
Farewell! It'll be a while until next time!

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©Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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