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Jijimon’s Guide to Quest Part 3: “Clash Battles”

I've been waiting for you, Tamer. I'm Jijimon.

This time, I'll be telling you all about Clash Battles, an event where powerful enemies appear.
I'm happy to be able to help any Tamers who is up for the challenge and want to push beyond their limits.

■ First, Look for Powerful Enemies!
Anyhow, we won't be able to start our adventure if we can't find any powerful enemies.
Powerful enemies may appear after you clear the Main Story or a Dimensional Vortex.

By the way, Clash Battles will be unlocked after clearing Main Story Act 3 Scene 3.

■ Prepare for Battle!
The battle will begin once you find an opponent! But first, you need to create a team you can use to face the opponents.
Each Digimon has its own strengths, so one of the ways to go about this is to try and form a team on your own.

That's why I'll introduce 3 recommended Digimon for Clash Battle.
I'm happy to help everyone with their team formation.

▼Leave Attacks to This One! Veemon Chain (Brave)

This Digimon boosts its own PWR with Passive Skill, allowing for a higher attack power.
In addition to its Main Skill which can deal great damage to a single enemy, its Sub Skill lowers enemy's DEF while dealing damage.
By lowering the enemy's DEF, Veemon contributes to increasing the damage dealt by the team.

▼Support is This One's Specialty! Patamon Chain (Devoted)

This Digimon's Passive Skill has the ability to increase all ally's Block Rate.
Blocks are likely to occur when your team is being attacked. This will block some of the damage which will help your team withstand attacks.
This Digimon also has a Sub Skill which can help 2 allies recover, allowing for a rather tenacious match.

▼Protector of the Team! Gotsumon Chain (Tenacious)

This Digimon boosts own DEF with its Passive Skill, giving it an unshakeable defense.
Its Sub Skill has the ability to draw enemies' attack, allowing for its high defense power to be used to protect its teammates.

Those were my 3 recommendations. As I mentioned before, Digimon not introduced here also have their own strengths.
Meet lots of Digimon, and build the strongest team you possibly can.

Of course, all Digimon will become stronger through training, so make sure you don't slack on giving them Upgrades and Workouts!

■ Let's Challenge the Battle!

Assemble a team for battle! Indicate skills you want your Digimon to use and lead them to victory!

The fighting style will of course differ for each team, but with the team I recommended, you can use Gotsumon's Sub Skill to protect allies, lower enemies' DEF with Veemon's Sub Skill, and make use of each Digimon's Main Skill to deal damage to the enemy.
This is just an example. Come up with battle strategies that fit your team.

Even if you can't finish off the enemy, you can request support from Tamers you've become friends with, or Tamers within your DigiGuild.
You may also respond to Support Requests. Work together to take down powerful enemies!

■ Obtain Rewards!
You'll earn rewards from successfully defeating an enemy.
You can obtain DGV-Code, an item necessary to Digivolve your Digimon. This is where you can fulfill condition 4 I mentioned earlier.
Also, you'll still be able to get rewards even if you run out of time and the enemy runs away, so try your best during these battles.

By the way, you can check which attribute DGV-Code you can obtain when a powerful enemy appears or using the screen below!

It looks like you'll be able to obtain a Fire DGV-Code from this enemy.
Moreover, you will be able to obtain unique DGV-Code from certain powerful enemies.
Digivolve your Digimon by battling powerful opponents and obtain various kinds of DGV-Codes!

■ Exchange Your CB Medals for Items!
Did you notice you also received some CB Medals along with DGV-Codes when you claimed your prize just now?
By collecting CB Medals, you can exchange them for various items such as DGV-Codes and Stamina Drinks at the CB Medal Exchange.

Items are updated periodically, so if there's a particular item you're aiming for, make sure to get a hold of it before it disappears!
Also, be sure to check out DigiEggs that may hatch Mega Digimon during events.

That's it for now.
Next time, I'll tell you all about the Battle Park where you can pit your Digimon against other Tamers' Digimon!

To access Battle Park, you'll need to gather DGV-Codes and power up your Digimon by Digivolving them!
Until next time. Farewell!

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©Akiyoshi Hongo, Toei Animation ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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